So officially the calendar is saying it is SPRING!! But yet there is snow in the forecast.  Baseball is on the radio and will be here shortly, basketball and all of its Madness is happening, and hockey is gearing up for the playoffs.  No wonder we are confused and oh so tired of our winter coats and scarves!! Yet I love this time of the year for all of those reasons, especially the hockey part😉

Last week I attended a show and was placing orders for Fall/Winter selections, yet boxes of new Spring/Summer items are arriving daily. I am busy steaming and hanging and excited for you to see them.  As many of you have heard me say, it’s so odd when the packages arrive at the house.  It’s like Christmas as I am unpacking without any recollection of what I have ordered.

Anchors Away

What’s old is new again.  Way back when I worked for Kaufmanns as a dress manager, (I also managed coats/furs and lingerie) there were always themes.  I think EVERY spring there was a nautical or resort theme.  Anything to brighten the dreary days of winter and to get the customer excited for sunnier days.  That theme continues as I just got a cute anchor, tee shirt dress delivered.   We’ve had similar versions of this dress and it always sells out.  It has a great fit, its comfy and has cute little details, like the zipper on back.

Going away or planning an escape soon?  Be sure to visit the truck or book a party to be the first to see what’s new or find something you just have to fit in your suitcase. Find Truck stops on the website (http://mystyletruck.com/find-the-truck/) AND, when you are wearing a Style Truck selection on your vacation, you gotta post on Facebook or Instagram! (#StyleTruckTravels and #HaveFashionWillTravel) When we pick out our assortment, we always have travel in mind, or at least versatility and convenience!  The woman on the go is certainly our target market.  Oh and we’ve got some great travel bags too and more to come!

Is there an item, accessory or type of garment you would like to see carried in the Truck?  Please let me know, ya never know what we might carry.  I’m always interested in changing it up😉

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