“Your body is not an ornament, it is the vehicle to your dreams” – Taryn Brumfitt

Last year, I went to see the documentary Embrace.  I went to see it a part of a Ladies Night Out benefit, not knowing anything about it.  It was almost a year ago and I am still moved from it.  The movie’s theme is all about a body image movement as it sheds light on an “epidemic of body dissatisfaction” globally.  Part of the appeal was the relatable Taryn Brumfitt who takes you on her journey. She is so real, you feel like she’d be one of your friends.  I won’t give away the whole movie, but she is one of us!

I get to spend time with a variety of women.  When you are in a small, intimate space – shopping inside the truck, you get to hear a lot of things – some you might not want to hear😉 I guess it is like being a bartender, hair dresser or coach. Sometimes it is easier for people to open up to a stranger.  One common take away from all these new friends (and that’s what it feels like) is that no one is happy with themselves.  We are all quick to judge too! I see someone walk in and they look like a perfect size 6 and could wear anything.  Yet they think they are too big to wear something without sleeves or worried something makes them look fat (as if ???)! There’s the person that has a preconceived notion that they should never wear prints.  It comes down to old, handed down notions that perhaps have scarred us and have planted seeds in our minds.

Why are women so hard on themselves? I think it is even harder today with social media and truthfully any kind of media.  Subconsciously we compare ourselves to women on the streets, on tv, in magazines, to our friends!

After seeing the documentary, the group gathered for drinks and discussed.  Everyone was “embracing” each other as I’m guessing was one of its goals.  I had said if I had a daughter I would want her to watch and a friend of mine said she has a grade school son and he has struggled with body image and peer pressure.  YIKES!!!

All this is one reason why I love home parties.  Women are surrounded by their friends.  Friends – people who embrace you flaws and all and know the real you.  At home parties, you might be more relaxed, you aren’t pressured into buying anything, you might have a glass of wine.  At a party a friend might look at something and think it would look great on you.  You, on the other hand would NEVER have picked it out.  But you are comfortable at a friend’s house, have nothing to lose, so you try that dress on.  You come out and everyone loves it!! Ooohs and aahhss.  You think, why have I never tried on something like this before????

The documentary was on Netflix.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Better yet, why doesn’t someone host a Style Truck party and we can watch together?! #BookTheTruck #HomeParties #EmbraceYourself


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