“Your body is not an ornament, it is the vehicle to your dreams” – Taryn Brumfitt

Last year, I went to see the documentary Embrace.  I went to see it a part of a Ladies Night Out benefit, not knowing anything about it.  It was almost a year ago and I am still moved from it.  The movie’s theme is all about a body image movement as it sheds light on an “epidemic of body dissatisfaction” globally.  Part of the appeal was the relatable Taryn Brumfitt who takes you on her journey. She is so real, you feel like she’d be one of your friends.  I won’t give away the whole movie, but she is one of us!

I get to spend time with a variety of women.  When you are in a small, intimate space – shopping inside the truck, you get to hear a lot of things – some you might not want to hear😉 I guess it is like being a bartender, hair dresser or coach. Sometimes it is easier for people to open up to a stranger.  One common take away from all these new friends (and that’s what it feels like) is that no one is happy with themselves.  We are all quick to judge too! I see someone walk in and they look like a perfect size 6 and could wear anything.  Yet they think they are too big to wear something without sleeves or worried something makes them look fat (as if ???)! There’s the person that has a preconceived notion that they should never wear prints.  It comes down to old, handed down notions that perhaps have scarred us and have planted seeds in our minds.

Why are women so hard on themselves? I think it is even harder today with social media and truthfully any kind of media.  Subconsciously we compare ourselves to women on the streets, on tv, in magazines, to our friends!

After seeing the documentary, the group gathered for drinks and discussed.  Everyone was “embracing” each other as I’m guessing was one of its goals.  I had said if I had a daughter I would want her to watch and a friend of mine said she has a grade school son and he has struggled with body image and peer pressure.  YIKES!!!

All this is one reason why I love home parties.  Women are surrounded by their friends.  Friends – people who embrace you flaws and all and know the real you.  At home parties, you might be more relaxed, you aren’t pressured into buying anything, you might have a glass of wine.  At a party a friend might look at something and think it would look great on you.  You, on the other hand would NEVER have picked it out.  But you are comfortable at a friend’s house, have nothing to lose, so you try that dress on.  You come out and everyone loves it!! Ooohs and aahhss.  You think, why have I never tried on something like this before????

The documentary was on Netflix.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Better yet, why doesn’t someone host a Style Truck party and we can watch together?! #BookTheTruck #HomeParties #EmbraceYourself



So officially the calendar is saying it is SPRING!! But yet there is snow in the forecast.  Baseball is on the radio and will be here shortly, basketball and all of its Madness is happening, and hockey is gearing up for the playoffs.  No wonder we are confused and oh so tired of our winter coats and scarves!! Yet I love this time of the year for all of those reasons, especially the hockey part😉

Last week I attended a show and was placing orders for Fall/Winter selections, yet boxes of new Spring/Summer items are arriving daily. I am busy steaming and hanging and excited for you to see them.  As many of you have heard me say, it’s so odd when the packages arrive at the house.  It’s like Christmas as I am unpacking without any recollection of what I have ordered.

Anchors Away

What’s old is new again.  Way back when I worked for Kaufmanns as a dress manager, (I also managed coats/furs and lingerie) there were always themes.  I think EVERY spring there was a nautical or resort theme.  Anything to brighten the dreary days of winter and to get the customer excited for sunnier days.  That theme continues as I just got a cute anchor, tee shirt dress delivered.   We’ve had similar versions of this dress and it always sells out.  It has a great fit, its comfy and has cute little details, like the zipper on back.

Going away or planning an escape soon?  Be sure to visit the truck or book a party to be the first to see what’s new or find something you just have to fit in your suitcase. Find Truck stops on the website (http://mystyletruck.com/find-the-truck/) AND, when you are wearing a Style Truck selection on your vacation, you gotta post on Facebook or Instagram! (#StyleTruckTravels and #HaveFashionWillTravel) When we pick out our assortment, we always have travel in mind, or at least versatility and convenience!  The woman on the go is certainly our target market.  Oh and we’ve got some great travel bags too and more to come!

Is there an item, accessory or type of garment you would like to see carried in the Truck?  Please let me know, ya never know what we might carry.  I’m always interested in changing it up😉

Many Thanks

It is hard to believe that another Holiday Market is in the books.  6 years! This year was one of the more balmy seasons.  The super cold weather hit after December 23rd, though we did suffer a few bitter, windy and rainy days (must be the year as we all know of our rain outs throughout the year.) Hopefully your new hat, glove or scarf got lots of love.

All of the shares, mentions and visits were greatly appreciated.  Not to mention those that “volunteered” and worked the hut!  It has truly become a Pittsburgh holiday tradition and I am happy to be just a small part of it!


People always ask what kind of clothes do you I carry.  What is the demographic of the Style Truck? It’s not really an age group.  Style Truck carries brands that are about style, comfort, quality and about flexibility.  We like clothes that can go from day to night by just making a few adjustments.  So, for that matter, many of our items can be worn in all seasons. Layering or mixing and matching pieces makes this possible.  Simple, right?  Some people always say “I can’t put pieces together” or “I would have never thought of pairing these two things together” but it really doesn’t have to be difficult. You can always wear heavier pants/skirt or leggings (oh that’s a hot topic, for another blog) and wear with a tank or lighter weight tunic and keep your sweater/poncho/wrap close by!  Instead of wearing a heavy scarf, throw on a summer scarf.  We love our new ones!


One reason I love dresses – no creative juices needed.  Throw it on! It can be as simple as wearing it with tights and boots and a cardigan or blazer to wearing it with sandals and a lighter wrap and different jewelry.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a customer say that they don’t wear dresses.  Maybe it goes back to childhood that a dress was for special occasions but in reality, it’s one of the easiest pieces for all ages and body shapes.  I really wish more people would try.  Style Truck has only had a few events with the new Spring/Summer options and there are a couple of pieces that were sold to me as tunics but customers have seen them as dresses!  Whatever works!  As long as the length is proper – work it!

Is it a dress? Is it a tunic? Yes!

So…….don’t pack up your tights or cardigans or light weight boots (wear them without tights for a springish style) quite yet.  Splash it up with a color as a base and your set.

On that note, I think I will go get a Pedi just in case I want to ditch the boots later today!


PS. I wrote this before this past weekend where I had three events.  One I was a drowned rat, a second one where there was sleet and I had a chill I couldn’t shake, and the third one was a typical (is there such a thing in Pittsburgh?) spring day.  I wasn’t dressed appropriately for any of them – go figure!

Girl’s Night Out

girls nights out bannerA Girls’ Night Out (GNO) is defined as an evening spent outside of the home by a group of women, yet ironically, when I suggest a GNO I mean for the girls to stay home!  What? Well, our version of a GNO means staying in with your besties and shopping in style – in Style Truck that is!

Having the Style Truck pull up to your house can ease the stress of planning an event.  It really can elevate your typical Home Party. There isn’t a cost associated with it; all I ask is for you to have a minimum of five gal pals.  Style Truck will come to you, a bottle of wine in hand, and within an hour, you’ll have a specialty boutique at your door!

Every GNO is different.  The Truck can pull in your driveway and set up there, roll racks in your garage, game room, and patio or carry things inside.  We’ve dealt with rain, sleet, snow, and wind! We are most flexible so no worries there.  Some hosts use this night as a way of catching up with long lost friends with fashion, style and sales being the bond that ties the guests together.  It is always fun to see friends make selections for others in the group.  “This looks just like you” or “this looks something you’d wear” are often heard.  Often times it gets the non shopper out of their shell.  It gets you to try something you might not typically look at and can totally change a perspective.  It is almost reminiscent of a slumber party – the original Home Party!

So if you’re within 25 miles of Pittsburgh, we can truck to your party. If more than that, we will just charge for gas for the extra miles.  AND, we haven’t mentioned the benefit of hosting!  As a hostess, you receive a discount of 10% of the total sales – meaning you get a great deal on some really great fashions.

The Style Truck is available for you! We can assist with the invitations and promotions with an email or Facebook promotion. All you have to do is complete the form found on our website: http://mystyletruck.com/find-the-truck/or call 412. 204.6101 to reserve your date with the Truck and host your very own Girls’ Night Out!

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