People always ask what kind of clothes do you I carry.  What is the demographic of the Style Truck? It’s not really an age group.  Style Truck carries brands that are about style, comfort, quality and about flexibility.  We like clothes that can go from day to night by just making a few adjustments.  So, for that matter, many of our items can be worn in all seasons. Layering or mixing and matching pieces makes this possible.  Simple, right?  Some people always say “I can’t put pieces together” or “I would have never thought of pairing these two things together” but it really doesn’t have to be difficult. You can always wear heavier pants/skirt or leggings (oh that’s a hot topic, for another blog) and wear with a tank or lighter weight tunic and keep your sweater/poncho/wrap close by!  Instead of wearing a heavy scarf, throw on a summer scarf.  We love our new ones!


One reason I love dresses – no creative juices needed.  Throw it on! It can be as simple as wearing it with tights and boots and a cardigan or blazer to wearing it with sandals and a lighter wrap and different jewelry.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a customer say that they don’t wear dresses.  Maybe it goes back to childhood that a dress was for special occasions but in reality, it’s one of the easiest pieces for all ages and body shapes.  I really wish more people would try.  Style Truck has only had a few events with the new Spring/Summer options and there are a couple of pieces that were sold to me as tunics but customers have seen them as dresses!  Whatever works!  As long as the length is proper – work it!

Is it a dress? Is it a tunic? Yes!

So…….don’t pack up your tights or cardigans or light weight boots (wear them without tights for a springish style) quite yet.  Splash it up with a color as a base and your set.

On that note, I think I will go get a Pedi just in case I want to ditch the boots later today!


PS. I wrote this before this past weekend where I had three events.  One I was a drowned rat, a second one where there was sleet and I had a chill I couldn’t shake, and the third one was a typical (is there such a thing in Pittsburgh?) spring day.  I wasn’t dressed appropriately for any of them – go figure!

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