I always say I should write a book or at least take notes of things I overhear while in the truck. Maybe some day, but for now, these are things I am constantly asked..

IMG_0442Do you drive this?

Do you need a special license?

Do you make the clothes?

Where do you get your clothes? Are they resale?
I go to NYC and other regional tradeshows to scout vendors and new lines. They are new clothes, ordered about six months in advance.

Is your truck a part of a franchise? 
Nope. All mine, although there are many other mobile boutiques across the country and I do belong to an organization called AMRA (American Mobile Retail Association)

IMG_1616How does all this stuff fit in the truck? 
Very carefully

Who designed it? 
I had an idea and some very creative friends crafted it further.

Was the truck a bread truck?
It was a tool truck in a Maryland school district and before that it was in the military.

Where do you go?
As it says on the front of the truck, Have Fashion Will Travel!

I go all over western PA and event West Virginia. I have been invited to travel farther, but hesitate to take Cookie on longer trips.

Where is your store?
You’re in it!

IMG_1432How can I find you?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or check the calendar for events

You don’t carry my size
You’d be surprised to know the array of body shapes I’ve been able to fashion! I carry XS-XL if the brand does.

Do you carry men’s or children’s? 
Maybe Style Truck II will, but sometimes carry accessories for any age or body.

Why don’t you park ______ (insert street/town)
Unfortunately, there are many outdated rules and restrictions. With the food trucks leading the way, there is hope that things will change that will promote an open and fair market for all. (I love my fellow truckers! There has been an underlying support group that embraces anything mobile!)

FYI – I’m always looking for new stops, fundraisers, and events, so please let me know if you have a suggestion!